A fine example of a burial path still exists at Feckenham in Worcestershire; OS sheet 150 SP008638, approximately 6 miles south-west of Redditch. The outlying hamlets of Cruise Hill and Ham Green had to convey their dead for burial to Feckenham 2 miles away.

From Cruise Hill the beginning of the route is marked by a derelict chapel on the bend of the road and a modern street sign reads 'Burial Lane'. There are a couple of houses on the first part of the lane which probably accounts for the erection of this sign.

The route gradually descends through a dark tunnel of trees and on towards Feckenham. The path is used as a bridleway and keeps a good width all the way, it's also quite straight and keeps a sight line on the church. There is a slight dog-leg in the path just before half way where the field boundaries have been altered but it then continues relatively straight again. A small but very old iron gate stands in the middle of the path, now with nothing either side so its purpose as a gate is defunct and it seems irrelevant. The path now begins to sweep out so to avoid the river and then gently arcs back around towards the church. Just before reaching the ford in the bottom the path is met by two others and a finger post directs you. Carrying on you take the foot bridge over the water and past the old mill race and make your up to the church, the final 200 yards being a metalled road.

Jo Sullivan


Burial Path at Feckenham, Worcestershire