Dartmoor's Lych Way might "repay some investigation", suggests NORMAN DARWEN. He sends us this quote from S. Baring- Gould's A Book of the West, Vol-1: Devon (Methuen, 1899):

"The Lych Way, or Corpse Road, is that by which the dead were borne to burial at Lydford, till licence was granted by Bishop Bronescombe in 1260 to such people on the moor as were distant from their parish church, to recur to Widecombe for their baptisms and interments. The Lych Way is still much used for bringing in turf, and for the driving out and back of cattle, The paved causway is fine, but in parts it has been resolved by centuries of use to a deep-cut furrow. It was said formerly that of a night ghostly trains of mourners might be seen flitting along it."