The concept of corpse ways is widespread. GORDON HARRIS notes examples in Costa Rica, decribed by Payson Sheets and Thomas L. Sever (who has been studying the Anasazi Indian straight Chacoan "roads" in New Mexico with NASA's Thermal Infrared Mu ltispectral Scanner) in Ancient Road Networks and Settlements Hierarchies in the New World (edited by Charles D. Trumbold, Cambridge University Press, 1991). Sheets and Sever are referring to prehistoric footpaths:

"In contrast [to contemporary roads], these prehistoric paths follow relatively straight lines as they travel across topographical changes rather than round them... In one case, a short path from a village to a cernetery went right over the top of a small bill rather than around, it... We do know that many live people and some dead people were moving along the paths, with the former carrying the latter for interrnent."