When we visited Ireland, and were grateful to be alerted to the Benbulbin area of Sligo by the fairy pass feature in TLH 119 (119:15-16). We re-photographed the straight road shown in TLH 119 leading from a fairy mound at Streedagh, aligning through two further fairy forts and on the bulk of the fairy mountain Benbulbin itself. (ED. We show Gordon's picture of this, as the distinctive shape of Benbulbin shows up clearly in it, in the picture used in TLH 119, the mountain was misty and did not reproduce at all.) But we came across another curious straight track in the area, too. This unmetalled track ran due west from a fairy fort south of Streedagh towards the beach and past a mound, marked but un-named on the map, at Agharrow. The alignment of this track extended the other way, eastwards, passes through tow further groups of fairy forts and on the summit of Benwisken, Benbulbin's companion peak. I show a photograph of that eastwards view along the old straight track in the other photo reproduced here. (ED. As a glance at Gordon's map shows, in the countryside between Benbulbin and the coast, well noted as powerful fairy land, most if not all the fairy forts - marked as stars - fall into alignments that seem related to the Benbulbin-Benwisken massif.)