Beginners Home Mail:


BODMIN MOOT, 19th/20th July


SATURDAY MORNING  WALK  WITH  JOHN  Meet  at  Hole in the  Wall  at  10.15 am.

MOOT  STARTS  at  1pm.  with  Lunch  (included)
AGM, 2pm - MOOT  Starts  at  2.40; with talks on folklore, religion, paganism and ley interpretation

Hole In The Wall  

16  Crockwell St,

Town centre,  


PL31  2DS.


1/. Chairman's welcome

2/. Apologies for absence

3/. Minutes of previous AGM - Hereford 2013

3/. Matters arising

4/. Officers reports

5/. Elections of officers

6/. Any other business : Watkins Memorial etc

7/. Date and location of next AGM

SUNDAY  Included StoneSeeker tour of the ancient sites on Bodmin Moor.
                   Setting off at 10:30am 10:15am from the car park on Lampen Road/Tripp Hill,
                   St. Neot, Liskeared, PE14 6ND
                   Map ref. SX 18483 67798


Peter Knight - Astro-archaeology and connected

Cheryl Straffon - Ancient Sites in Cornwall

Jerymy Disley - The Significance of the Number 17 in
                            Prehistoric Times

Adrian Hyde - Essex’s Running Well Spring - Antique
                         Maps and Unconfirmed History