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Alfred Watkins memorial stone fund.

As announced by our new Chairman at the 2013 Annual General Meeting, plans are afoot to erect a new Standing Stone and plaque as a Memorial to Alfred Watkins. It is to be positioned at the site of his revelation and will be six foot high with a sighting hole to view along the alignment as he detailed in the Introduction to his book: Early British Trackways; Moats, Mounds, Camps and Sites; 1922; The Watkins Meter Company.

“A visit to Blackwardine led me to note on the map a straight line starting from Croft Ambury, lying on parts of Croft Lane past the Broad, over hill points, through Blackwardine, over Risbury Camp, and through the high ground at Stretton Grandison where I surmise a Roman station”.

We are indeed lucky/blessed that Mrs Diana Thomas owner of The Humber Woodland of Remembrance, adjacent to the crossroads at Blackwardine, has enthusiastically given SOL free plots to erect this monolith and place an inscribed stone close by two Scots Pine trees recently planted on the ley.

We invite contributions towards the cost of this work, for which our target is £1400.


Thank you for your


Please watch for progress

on this project.

Plotted with Garmin MapSource