Society of Leyhunters - finding leys

In the late 1970s, Paul Devereux, then editor of "The Ley Hunter", instigated the Dragon Project; a volunteer effort set up to examine whether there was any truth in the claims of dowsers and others that ancient sites were the source or repository of exotic energies so far unrecognised by orthodox science. To this end they set up home base at the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire and employed all manner of scientific gadgetry, photographers, dowsers, psychics and sensitives to track down the elusive "earth energy". After nearly ten years of hard work, in often unpleasant conditions, the conclusion was that there were no strange energies at these places, but that there were strange anomalous effects in known energies. There was certainly no hard evidence for "earth energies". The Dragon Project also undertook magnetometer and Geiger counter surveys at many stone circle sites and found tentative evidence of anomalies in local geomagnetism and natural background radioactivity. The results of the Dragon Project can be found in Paul Devereux's "Places of Power" (1990).

A recent Dragon Project undertaking has been the Dreamwork Programme. Since 1991 volunteer dreamers and 'therapeutes' have been sleeping out at a selected number of ancient sacred sites and recording their dreams. There is documented historical evidence for this activity in the Classical period (e.g. the Oracle at Delphi) and folklore evidence of visionary experiences at ancient sacred places. The Dreamwork Programme is attempting to amass sufficient data to test the idea that place might affect human consciousness. The data collected so far is currently being assessed by psychologist Stanley Krippner in the USA. The work continues, but still needs plenty of volunteers and financial assistance. The Dragon Project is a Registered Charity in the UK.